Be part of the weirdest, most creatively brilliant anthology series out there: Tales from the Year Between volume 2 is on the lookout

Do you like writing stuff?

Do you especially like writing stuff that might be described as a bit odd?

Do you enjoy hanging out with a whole barrage of new friends who are all in their own way extremely strange and very cool?

Then you should consider joining volume two of Tales from the Year Between.

From September 15th (that’s tomorrow!) applications will officially be open for contributors to the as-yet-untitled space adventure that is TFYB‘s second volume. Visit to find out exactly what you have to do if you’d like to be considered to join the crew.

For those not in the know, TFYB isn’t exactly like most anthologies or literary magazines. A lot of the time you’ll just submit a story in line with a theme or genre and then that’s kind of the extent of it. Not here: each volume of TFYB involves all the contributors collaboratively generating a world and then setting pieces within it. Plus those pieces can be, like, anything. Short story, letter, hymn, play, essay, newspaper clipping, anything you like.

In the first volume, we found ourselves in a strange desert fantasy world; in this one, we’re off into space. Who knows what we might find there? Could be… well, whatever we all end up making it.

Being part of the first volume was one of the most creative and rewarding things I’ve done… probably ever, and I also got to become part of a most peculiar family-slash-writing-collective-slash-cult. It’s been awesome. Quite possibly life-changing, even, since I think I am now committed to this project for as long as I live.

Basically, if you’ve been looking for an opportunity to flex your creative muscles in a really cool and unusual way, this is almost definitely that opportunity.

You know what to do: Do it.

See you on the ship.

Published by Chris Durston

Writer of stuff. Y'know. Words and that.

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