I’ve written a few things so far, and I’m hoping to write a few more before all’s said and done.

For the last few years, most of the writing I’ve made available to read has been about video games: reviews, thought pieces, analyses, rambles. I’ve been lucky enough to have written for a few different sites and in a few different styles, and it’s all been rather fun. You can find my work on each of those sites through the images below.

I’ve also been lucky to have found a job in which I get to do things with written words; I work as a marketing and communications executive, which means I get to do copywriting, editing, social media content, press releases, all sorts. Even some video editing, which I just taught myself for fun one day. Plus the company I work for is doing something genuinely worth doing – anyone who’s worked somewhere they didn’t believe in will understand why that’s important. Along those lines, I also volunteer with a charity to help them write press releases, news stories, and case studies.

What I’ve always wanted to be, though, is someone who writes stories. And I have written stories. I just haven’t done anything with them. That changes now.

Each Little Universe is my debut novel, and I’ve been working on it on and off for about five years. It’s available now, and you can find out all about it by clicking here!

It won’t be the last story I put out there, so stay tuned. You can follow me on Twitter @chrisdurstonish or sign up to get (extremely infrequent and highly unintrusive) emails about new things I’m getting up to. (Either click here or go to the form at the bottom of this page.)

Anyway. Here’s where you can find stuff what I’ve wrote. Enjoy.


Each Little Universe is my first novel. Find out more about it here.

Skullgate Media

Skullgate Media is the indie publisher I accidentally helped to found. Learn more here.

Other Fiction

For writings I’ve had published in collections, anthologies, et cetera, check out this page.

Games Writing

The Well-Red Mage

The Well-Red Mage is a long-form reviews and analysis site where I write as ‘The Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage’.

My author page here.


Obilisk is a site all about games, gaming culture, games media – all things video games, essentially. My contributions here have been thought pieces about big-picture gaming stuff.

Bonus Stage

Writing for Bonus Stage, I got given a game and had to turn out a well-researched, thorough review within a pretty short deadline. Extremely handy for learning the less rambling review style, and for time management.

OverThinker Y

OverThinker Y is the most active blog I’ve ever maintained – I’ve had a few, but this one stuck around the longest. It’s now mostly defunct, but I made a lot of good friends doing it.

You can find a list of some of my favourite posts from each of those sites by visiting this page, which is a sort of portfolio of the stuff I’ve written about games.

And, of course, this very site has a blog page wherein I write things about stuff. (Probably. We’ll see.)

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