Chris Durston


“You will laugh. A lot. You might even cry.”
“Beneath all the outrageous, colourful, sparkly stuff, this is really a heartfelt story of friendship, love, and being human.”


A colossal whale orbits the Earth. Its shadow corrupts all it touches. These are the tales of a broken world.

I make stuff with words.

Sometimes typey words, sometimes talky words.

Read Stuff

I’m a writer of weird, surreal stories. My debut novel is Each Little Universe.

I also write about video games.

Find my written stuff here.

Hear Stuff

To nobody’s alarm more than my own, my voice has been transmitted via the Internet in the form of podcasts, both as a host and a guest.

Hear me talking about stuff here.

About Me

I always thought that I just sort of would be a writer somehow. This is really my first proactive step towards actually doing that.

If you’re here, then I very much appreciate you for that.

You can follow the links above to find all the stuff I make in an effort to feel like a Creative Person, and perhaps you might even enjoy some of it.

While Each Little Universe is my debut novel – and click here to learn all about that – I’m really hopeful that it won’t be the last. So… here’s to continuing to do Good Word Stuff.

Stuff That’s On This Site

It’s pretty simple, really. You got the ‘read‘ and ‘listen‘ sections, which’ll take you to directories where you can… well, read and/or listen to stuff that I’ve made which is either in the form of written words or out-loudy words.

There’s also a blog, which I’ll endeavour to keep updated with information about all the stuff I’m doing that you might be vaguely interested in. You’re on this site, at least, so I might optimistically suspect that you wouldn’t say no to hearing about more of my endeavours.

Finally for now, there’s a ‘support‘ page about the ways in which you can ensure that I get to continue making cool things. I want to do it purely because, well, I want to do it, but it’d be awesome if I could do more of it, so find out about that there.


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