New writings about games stuff!

Those of you who’ve known me since before I started trying this whole fiction-writing thingy will probably be aware that my main creative outlet over the last few years has been writing about video games. Sadly, the decision to focus more on fiction has meant that I’ve not really had the time to do much of that lately.

In the last week or so, though, not one but two new games-related things written by me have made their way onto the Internet!

The first is this piece on Roxas from Kingdom Hearts II; it’s a fairly long read, and something I wrote… probably over a year ago now for the ‘The Characters That Define Us’ blogging collaboration by Normal Happenings.

Kind of weird, actually, to read it again after all this time. I barely remember writing some of it, but it’s interesting to see how I thought of myself, how I thought who Roxas is relates to who I am, and whatnot. I think most of it still applies; certainly I haven’t undergone any huge shifts in belief or personality since writing it, so it doesn’t feel as if it’s already out of date or anything. Have a look. It might interest ya.

The other thing is the first post on the OverThinker Y blog in a long time: a discussion around why I think using cheats in Saints Row: The Third is not only acceptable but quite possibly the definitive experience. Been playing a bit of that lately, and it’s just plain fun.

And, of course, I am still making Philosophiraga, the podcast about philosophy and video games. It’s available on Spotify here, as well as in a whole bunch of other places, so do check that out.

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