So you likes stuff I does, and you wants ta make it so I can make more stuffs.


As of right now, I have a Ko-fi page on which you can buy me a coffee, or – to be more accurate – on which you can donate very small amounts of money at a time as a way of expressing gratitude or something. I don’t have a Patreon page or any other way of accepting regular or ongoing income.


I think the best thing you could possibly do would be to buy my novel, which is the only thing I’ve made to date that I’m actually selling for money. If you like it, consider leaving a review on Amazon or Goodreads or your own blog, or telling people that it’s really good and they should get it too.

I think that’s it for now, but if anyone does think of any means by which they’d like to give me lots of money and cool stuff in return for me continuing to create the things I love to create, do hit me up.

To hear more about what I do, some of which might involve increased abilities for you to support me in various ways in the future, you can always follow me on Twitter, like my Facebook page, or subscribe to receive infrequent and unintrusive emails.

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