Tales from the Year Between volume 2 is on Kickstarter!

If you’ve ever wanted to make someone’s creative dreams come true, this is your chance.

I and the rest of the gang at Skullgate Media are incredibly excited that we’re now thinking about putting together the second volume of Tales from the Year Between. We’ve made one awesome volume now, and it was legitimately brilliant, so we sort of know what we’re doing at this point. Maybe. Anyway, we have big ambitions for the standard we want our future volumes to reach, and part of our route to achieving that would be if it wasn’t costing us a bunch of money to make it.

So we’re asking for some support – not for free, though, no; you can get some very nice rewards in return.

Please visit the Kickstarter page for Tales from the Year Between, volume 2, and you will literally be helping us to make our vision become a reality. We’re not expecting to make money off TFYB (yet), but if we can raise enough to at least break even on making it then we’ll get to keep bringing together people from all over the globe to produce the strangest, brilliantest, mostest wonderfulest anthology series ever.

And if you know people who like to Kickstart stuff – because why wouldn’t you, ya get rewards and that warm fuzzy feeling from literally facilitating someone’s ability to create an incredible thing – please do share with them too.

bit.ly/kickstart-TFYB-2. Check it out. (And watch our video, because I made it and I’m quite proud of it.)

but yeah seriously if you back this project I will love you for all time

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