If for some bizarre reason you want to get in touch with me, best thing to do is probably to send me an email via the form below, or (if forms ain’t your jam), by simply emailing

If, however, you want to provide me with some means of reaching you whenever I feel like yelling something at you, the easiest thing might just be to follow me on Twitter, where I’m @chrisdurstonish. I do also run the Facebook page ‘Chris Durston Does Words’, so you can always like that if liking Facebook pages is something you’re into. (And I’ve snapped up ‘chrisdurstondoeswords’ on Instagram, too, even though I don’t really understand how to use it!)

There are, as you might notice, a couple of ‘follow’ buttons on the left-hand side of every page. Those are WordPress buttons which will allow you to receive updates through WordPress or via email whenever there’s a new blog post on this site.

In addition to notifications when there’s a new update posted here, you can in fact sign up to get emails from me, if you fancy that. These’ll be infrequent updates about things I’m up to, which may in some cases duplicate information on this site but may also contain exclusive scoops and perhaps even the occasional giveaway.

Since you’re already on the contact page, you may as well just use the contact form below to let me know you want to sign up and I’ll sort that out. Otherwise, there’s a form on the home page that’ll automatically add you to a mailing list which I promise to use responsibly.

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