Update On Works In Progress

If ‘Work In Progress’ can be acronymised as WIP, are multiple ‘Works In Progress’ WIPs or WsIP?

I dunno.

Anyway, not all that long ago I shared a bit of an update on the various things that were in some kind of pipeline for me to eventually get around to writing and/or publishing. Things have shuffled around remarkably quickly since then, so I figured I’d just do a quick progress report on what’s currently going on and what’s likely to be materialising sooner than later.

Chronicles from the World of Guilt

The collection of short stories (and… some things in other formats, maybe) in a dark fantasy post-apocalyptic world in the shadow of an eldritch space whale is full steam ahead! Apparently my brain operates a bit of a ‘last-in-first-out’ queuing system, because this is one of the most recent ideas I’ve had and is yet somehow the one I’m now working on getting done first.

I have a target for 40,000 words by the end of this month, which is looking doable, and at that point I expect I’ll take a look over what I’ve got so far, try to assemble it into some sort of order, see where the gaps are… quite possibly decide most of it sucks and start again, we’ll see. So I’m not entirely sure how long it’ll be before there’s actually a draft to put out to beta readers, but it’s definitely happening. If I could actually get this published by the end of the year, I’d be extremely happy, and I don’t think it’s impossible.

Tales from the Year Between – Volume One: Achten Tan

I’ve only just realised now I’ve written it out how similar the title of this is to Chronicles. Oh, well. I didn’t pick the title of this one.

Tales from the Year Between is a new anthology concept, and it’s awesome. A bunch of writers all get together and play a game in which we collaboratively generate a year of history within a vague settlement; as we play and fill in the gaps of this place’s people, places, and happenings, things can get very strange very quickly.

So we’ve now built this world, and each of us is now creating pieces set in that world. The final anthology probably won’t tell a complete story, but it’ll be lots of (often strange, in the best way) works all contributing to the big picture of this odd little setting we’ve just magicked up out of nowhere.

Expect to hear more about that over the next few months!

Other Anthology Thing

I can also confirm that a piece of mine is going to be in a second, unrelated anthology due for release later this year. Not sure how much I can say about that yet, but it’s gonna be great!

So those are the three things that are concrete, happening, in the works, definitely coming up. Everything else I mentioned in the earlier post is still absolutely on the list, just not being actively created at the moment.

I wanna say a quick thank you to everybody who’s read Each Little Universe (at the time of writing, still on sale for £0.99 or $0.99 for another day or so!), and especially to everyone who’s left a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or elsewhere. Double-especially thanks to my friend Winst0lf (aka the Bizzaro Mage for writing an in-depth commentary on his own site – I seriously recommend having a read, because it’s the only review so far with spoilers and he’s really put a lot of thought into it.

There you have it, then! Watch this space, and hit me up on Twitter or whatever any time to talk about… well, anything I’m working on, anything you’re working on, pretty much anything whatsoever really. I’m a huge fan of just chatting to cool people.

Take care, and see you before too long!

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    1. I’m very grateful I still have a job and all, but part of me wishes I’d been furloughed just so I could have found out how much writing I could get done if I weren’t also working full time!

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