Limited-time discounts on Each Little Universe!

Right, so, here’s an announcement that might interest you.

Starting tomorrow, Each Little Universe is going to be $0.99 or £0.99 for one week only. (Very sorry, anyone not using USD or GBP, but those are the only two currencies Amazon lets you discount in.)

That’s from Saturday June 13th to the following Saturday, June 20th, after which it’ll go back up to the usual price (which isn’t that much more, really, but hey).

So if you’ve not yet picked up the ebook version of ELU, firstly why not, and secondly this is probably just about the perfect time to do it. It’s a ‘funny, thought-provoking, sad, poignant, nerdy, cool’ urban fantasy about nerds, cosmic forces, and sometimes weird stuff like wrestling and cats named after philosophers. I don’t think everyone’ll get it, but those who have read it and did get it seem to think it’s actually really worth enjoying, so… you should do that.

Go on, then! Head over to the relevant page and get a thing that took me five years to write for the cost of, like… I don’t even know. What can you even get for less than a quid these days? Wouldn’t even get you a penny sweet, and yet you can get a whole entire book. What an awesomely weird world we live in.

Get ELU from the Amazon United States store here!

Get ELU from the Amazon United Kingdom store here!

Oh, and if you’ve already bought ELU and therefore can’t do it again: thank you very, very much. It means an awful lot to me.

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