Each Little Universe

I wrote a novel, y’all.

Each Little Universe isn’t actually my first novel, as such: I wrote a 160-page fantasy novel with a friend when we were about fourteen, and it was… kind of terrible? But that’s OK. It was important to us anyway. There are also a good three or four other novels hanging out in various states of planning, drafting, or revising, and perhaps some of those will see the light of day before too long.

Each Little Universe is, however, the first novel I’m actually sending out into the world. I hope it has a nice time.

As of April 30th, 2020, you can buy ELU in ebook or paperback format from Amazon! Simply purchase the Kindle version by clicking here – it’s very reasonably-priced, I think, for basically five years of my life. It’s even free on Kindle Unlimited!

(That link, by the way, should be for the UK Amazon page – click here for the US one. You should be able to get ELU on Amazon no matter where you are; let me know if you have any issues.)

I also have to give major props, while we’re here, to Blythe Norton for designing the cover. She took some very vague ideas from someone with no real idea about art or visuals or whatever and turned them into something that looks professional and brilliant. Hire Blythe.

What even is ELU?

I’m not 100% sure, to be honest. It’s the story I wanted to write, and perhaps it’s so specifically tied to me as an individual that it won’t make any sense whatsoever to anyone else, but I figure I can’t really do things any other way. So… may as well see what happens, and if it turns out that other people do in fact enjoy it then that’s a nice bonus.

I think Each Little Universe is sort of an urban fantasy comedy, with shades of magic realism, about the power of true love, except that it’s not a romance and true love could be for a friend, a cat, a joke, or a wrestling match. It’s about a world very similar to ours, but slightly more weird; things can happen that don’t entirely make sense, but everyone just sort of goes along with it and that’s OK.

From those who’ve read earlier versions, I’ve heard that ELU is reminiscent of Scott Pilgrim, Neil Gaiman’s work (Neverwhere and Stardust have both been mentioned), and Terry Pratchett’s style. I wouldn’t make any of those comparisons myself, but I’m very flattered that others have.

You still haven’t said what the plot’s about, fool.

Oh, yeah. Well, here’s about the best explanation I can think of:

When a girl from the stars unexpectedly lands in the lives of two oddball inventors, they find themselves somehow responsible for explaining what being a person is all about when they’ve not really figured it out themselves yet.

Taking care of a brand-new human is hard enough. Dealing with the things that want her back may turn out to be harder.

So, yeah. The only way these guys know how to explain what it means to be human is through pop culture and hanging out with a bunch of other people who are also very peculiar but also, I hope, familiar enough to be relatable.

Each Little Universe is basically a story about chilling out and playing video games and stuff, at least until things get a bit more serious and the questions about how to find meaning as a tiny part of an inconceivably huge cosmos start needing practical answers.

I’m sold.

Knew you would be. It would mean an awful lot to me if you were to buy Each Little Universe on Amazon, and then give it a glowing review on Amazon, Goodreads, or your own site.

Much obliged.

To keep up with news about ELU, as well as future novels that I really hope I’ll get around to writing (and if you do want me to write more, then letting me know what you thought of ELU and telling everyone you know to read it too would be very helpful), you can follow me on Twitter or sign up to get very responsible and non-annoying emails from me.

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To everyone who reads Each Little Universe: I very much hope you enjoy it. Even if you don’t, I’m grateful that you gave it a go.

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