Each Little Universe Second Edition – preorder now!

at least as smooth as Colin Baker refusing to regenerate into Sylvester McCoy

fancy news, friends

Remember Each Little Universe, that book wot I wrote? You might recall I self-published it way back in April 2020, if you were really paying an astounding amount of attention. (And thank you if you were!)

Well, it’s getting a second edition courtesy of Skullgate Media, releasing exactly eighteen months after the first publication: you’ll be able to get it from October 30th, 2021. It’s got a brand new cover by the spectacular Dean Cole, a few cleaned-up typos and things like that, but other than that it’s… pretty much the same, to be honest. But it’s a second edition! Hurrah!

If you haven’t read it yet, you can preorder it from Amazon now. You can even use the same link that worked before: https://mybook.to/EachLittleUniverse. The old version is delisted, so nobody can buy it for the next couple of weeks, but then the new one’ll go live and it’ll be great. Plus, because it’s Skullgate rather than just me this time, it’ll also be available in a bunch of other places like Nook, Smashwords, direct from the Skullgate store, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones (I think), et cetera. Exciting!

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