Surprise book release! Video Games: Art, Theory, Design, Philosophy

Good news!

There’s a new book out on video games, and I wrote it!

You can buy Video Games: Art, Theory, Design, Philosophy here.

It’s a collection of articles from around a decade of writing in various internetty places about games and on various games-related topics, and I’m actually pretty proud of it. Collected like this, I think it’s a decent, accessible introduction to a bunch of subjects for people who perhaps really like games and thinking about games but might or might not already be familiar with discussions about game design, game theory, philosophical topics, and whatnot.

Giant thanks to my friend EM Harding for creating the fantastic cover – you can find all kinds of stuff of hers at her Linktree.

If you already know all there is to know about games, maybe you won’t learn much new from this – I’m not an academic or anything, just someone who likes thinking and sometimes writing about a bunch of different cultural and artistic topics using games as a lens, because I think there’s a lot they’re uniquely placed to talk about.

so…. yeah. Enjoy!

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