Listen to ‘Enduring Wrecks’ now

So this is pretty cool: one of my stories is now in audio form, and actually read by someone who knows what they’re doing to boot!

‘Enduring Wrecks’ is my contribution to Vampires & Voyages, the first volume of new anthology Indie Bites from Silver Sun Books. You can read the whole anthology for free, because they’re cool like that.

Here’s ‘Enduring Wrecks’ read by Max Windich, who has pretty much the perfect voice for it. I love this.

Of course, if you like audio fiction, you should probably also go ahead and check out Sounds from the Year Between, Skullgate Media’s podcast. We’re doing readings every other week at the moment – I get the authors to do the hard work reading their pieces, and then I get to have fun improvising a bit of a soundtrack over the top. Most recently, Chapel Orahamm read ‘Dust Motes’, and it was totally beautiful.

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