April 2021 Update

April’s here! That’s… just bizarre.

This is the continuation of the thing I used to call ‘projects and drafts’, but that feels weird and just ‘update’ seems to make more sense so that’s what I’m going with now. Good? Good.

March, then!

It’s still a little slower than previous months – turns out that what I tend to do is go pretty hard on writing a lot of words each day until I’ve got a draft, and then I can’t really keep up that pace so I slow down for a bit. Y’know what? I’m gonna be OK with that.

I’ve also realised that it’s harder to measure progress with editing than it is with drafting, ‘cos you can’t just go oh look 1500 more words or whatever. I am still in fact doing Writing Stuff, of that I’m sure, it’s just trickier to point at and explicitly identify what the stuff is.

Anyway, I’ve made a fair bit of progress on editing Chronicles from the World of Guilt again, so it’s coming close to being done, I think! I got a super sexy cover commissioned for it, too, so keep an eye out in the pretty near future to find out what I’m doing with it. (I actually don’t know myself. It might end up getting queried with an indie publisher, or I might self-pub. We’ll see!)

A couple of new short stories also got written and are being submitted to Things, so with any luck some time soon I might be able to announce that at least one of those is gonna be published. That’d be nice.

Speaking of short stories getting published, the Lost Boys Press anthology Chimera released in March and actually got a banner proclaiming it to be the number one new horror anthology on Amazon! No idea whether that was a particularly hard-fought category, but I’m happy about having contributed to a bestseller nonetheless.

So: April.

Main goal: finish editing World of Guilt. That’d be well good.

Possible other goals: work on a few in-development things with the wonderful folks at Fable Factory, perhaps go back to revise A Taste of Misadventure, and possibly make some strides in arranging the upcoming collection of video games writings!

All good things, and I very much hope to have more concrete things to announce before too long.

And that’s the update. Stay safe, be kind, and review indie books.

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