Achten Tan is here!

This is way sooner than I was expecting to be able to announce a second book release, since the first one was only back in April, but hey. I didn’t have to do all the work on this one!

Achten Tan releases today, friends!

It’s the first volume of Tales from the Year Between, a brilliantly simple anthology concept in which a bunch of people build a world together and then fill it up with all sorts of bizarre brilliance. In this volume alone (set in a desert dark fantasy world with giant ants, dark wizards, magic mirrors, at least two kinds of goblins, and a town totally obsessed with barbecued ribs) we’ve got beautiful short stories, ridiculous recipes, hilarious essays, gorgeous maps, a play and a hymn, letters between characters, some newspaper articles, and a whole bunch more.

I reckon there’s something for everyone in this book, thanks to how much variety there is. So go ahead and pick it up, for realsies. It’s a strange book, but a wonderful one.

You can get Achten Tan in a few places – Amazon and Smashwords, yeah, but because it’s Properly Published you should also be able to order it in via your local bookshop so as to support small businesses instead of contributing to the monolith that is Amazon, if that’s your thing. So that’s very cool!

Get Achten Tan here: Amazon!Smashwords!A bookshop near you!

(I recommend the paperback, by the way, purely because the maps are so lovely and you want to be able to touch them.)

Right, then. On to whatever the next thing happens to be, I guess!

(In the medium-ish term, actually, one thing I would quite like to do is totally change the look of this website. I did what I’m wont to do when I made it and just sort of cobbled something together and stuck a bunch of text in, but I think I’d prefer to have it a bit neater. Like, a homepage that’s just pictures of the various books what can be bought and whatnot. So if anyone knows any cheap ways of achieving that and/or people who can help with that, hit me up.)

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