Each Little Universe Sale and Playlist

It’s been six whole months since Each Little Universe launched, which just feels… ridiculous. A lot’s happened in that time, most of it really cool – plus a lot of stuff’s kind of started happening, so there should be more to share soon!

Anyway, to celebrate ELU‘s six-month-iversary, I’m doing two things.

First off is a sale on the ebook: £0.99 or $0.99, starting on Sunday 1st November and running for one week. US people, get it here; UK people, get it here. (I think those are the only two places I’m able to set up the discount in, so I’m very sorry if you’re elsewhere and it doesn’t get discounted for you.)

If you haven’t read it, this is your chance to pick it up super-cheap! And if you have read it, this is your chance to recommend it to someone else who likes cheap books about life and the universe and philosophy and wrestling and true friendship and heists and punk rock.

And second, I’ve made an ELU playlist, which you can listen to on Spotify! Click here or use the (hopefully working) embedded thingy below…

There’s one song per chapter; I make no claims that this is, like, the definitive best playlist to listen to while reading ELU, but I’ve just picked the first song that each chapter makes me think of, and I figured that would be, like, the most authentic way of doing it. So, yeah. Enjoy!

I’ll leave you with a few excerpts from reviews, just to help you decide that yes, you really do want to buy the book. (And if you’ve read it but not left a review on Amazon or Goodreads, please do. It means the world to me.)

A wildly entertaining ride replete with lighthearted geeky humour, casual diversity (oh, how I love the casual diversity!), and lovable quirky characters which every so often slips in moments of sincerity, tenderness and profound sadness. Beneath all the outrageous, colourful, sparkly fun stuff, this is really a heartfelt story of friendship, love, and being human. A wonderful and very promising debut.

I liked this story a lot because of its near-ness to reality. It felt as if it were actually happening, but with a small piece askew. The piece wasn’t a fault, but rather a perspective, and it was interesting viewing it that way.

The characters were fleshed out really well, and I identified with them strongly, like different parts of a personality.

A very enjoyable read. It gave me a comfortable feeling inside, like when you see friends for the first time in a long time, if that makes sense. The characters all felt like actual people I’ve known in my life, which was refreshing. The story was unique and kept me guessing, and when it was over, I felt a little sad to say goodbye to the characters. A great mix of fantasy and realism that allows for some real humor, as well as cleverly subtle thought-provoking questions.

The two main characters, TM and Veggie, are two of the most real and endearing characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Through effortlessly flowing dialogue, these two absolute gems are possibly now two of my favourite people in the world.
The plot is possibly one of the most bizarre things I’ve ever read. This is not a bad thing.
As the story becomes more and more gloriously bizarre, I honestly couldn’t have guessed where it was going to end up.
In conclusion. I would give the story itself a 3 star (perhaps the excessive D&D or perhaps that it doesn’t follow a traditional story arc) but the characters and the writing style are so bloomin’ amazing *I can not stress this enough*, I would give it 5 stars. So we’ll meet in that warm squishy middle place of a solid 4.
If you want to meet some characters that will stay with you for, quite possibly, the rest of your life, I highly recommend this gem of a book.

There ya have it. Go buy Each Little Universe, because you might really like it and it would also bring me much joyousness. Cheers.

Pre-order the first volume of ‘Tales from the Year Between’!

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll probably have seen that the majority of the stuff I’ve tweeted lately has been… kind of odd. Little microfictions using strange words that don’t look real.

That’s ‘cos those words aren’t real; they’re the product of #AchtenWrite, a new writing prompt thingy that gives you a word a day to write something around. Achten Write, though, is an offshoot of something bigger: Tales from the Year Between.

Tales from the Year Between is a new anthology, hopefully to become a twice-yearly release, and it’s one of the weirdest and coolest things I’ve ever heard of, let alone been a part of. Each volume will be set in a different world, and each of those worlds will be generated by the contributors using a set of game mechanics designed to fill an empty setting with places, people, history, all sorts. Then each contributor goes off and writes whatever the heck they feel like writing within that shared world. There are stories, recipes, plays, hymns, flash fiction pieces, epistles, essays, and some of them mesh together and some of them outright contradict each other and basically it’s just a bizarre world that feels big and strange and wonderful.

Anyway, the first volume is ‘Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bone’, and it’s due out on August 17th. I’ve got a few pieces in there, and it’s been genuinely fantastic to be part of this thing as it comes together. I’ve had the chance to make some seriously strange works, so it’s been a brilliant excuse to write as weird as I want, and there are also a lot of cool people working on it whom I’m very glad to have got to know.

So pre-order the inaugural volume on Kindle now! Or you can wait until the 17th and get a physical copy – there are some really nice maps and other bits of nice-looking things going into it, so I reckon having a copy you can hold in your hands will be really worth it. (You can also get a variety of digital formats over at Smashwords.)

To find out more – about this and future volumes – head to yearbetween.com. You can sign up to get email updates, find out more about how you could be part of the next volume, and also read a bunch of apocrypha: little pieces from the world that might or might not make it into the finished volume, but are still a part of the universe we’ve all created together. (See the page for the first volume for an archive of all apocrypha relating to Achten Tan, including a piece by yours truly.)

I’m seriously really excited for this incredibly strange new project to launch, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading the exceptional variety of works that have made ‘Achten Tan: Land of Dust and Bone’ such a fun thing to work on. Here’s to many, many volumes of Tales from the Year Between!



Welcome. Hi.

So this is kind of weird. Some of you might know me from the internet (some of you might even know me from real life, which is an odd thought); I’ve been hanging around for a while under various names and made a few good friends.

I’m Chris, obviously. Website’s got my name on it. (Which is very strange for me, but I think now’s about the time for doing that.) I do stuff with words: I’ve written a fair few things on the Internet about video games, and I’ve said some stuff out loud about games and philosophy too.

The main reason I’ve decided it’s time to branch out into being myself, insofar as anyone can be on the Internet, is because I also now want to start being someone who writes and releases fiction. I’ve been A Person Who Writes Fiction just about as long as I can remember, but never really put it out into the world, and I think it’s probably past time I just went ahead and did that.

As such, it’s very cool for me to announce that my first foray into the world of novelling will be Each Little Universe, a story I started writing around five years ago and now think I need to finally just throw out there. It’ll be available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback from April 30th, and I’ll be giving away some signed paperback copies around the time of launch too, so stay tuned here for that.

To find out more about Each Little Universe, you can visit this page on this very website; if you want to get in touch with me or support me to keep making more stuff, the contact and support pages might come in handy. As for staying up-to-date with info about, among other things, the launch of ELU and how you could win a free book (I mean, it’s gonna be pretty cheap anyway for five years of my life), you can do a few things:

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And I think that’s about all I’ve got to say for now.

Thanks for coming, and I hope you’ll keep an eye out for Each Little Universe on April 30th.