Introducing Cedarstone: a new musical duo what has me in it

In one of those joyful serendipitous happenings that don’t come along too often, but of which I’m trying to make the most whenever they do pop up, I’ve become half of a new musical duo.

So, er… introducing Cedarstone! (Like C Durston, geddit?)

So here’s what happened:

I’d been doing that thing where I make music out of punctuation (more on that here), and I was talking to Ashley Hutchison about doing something for her book Garden of the Golden Children (available from plenty of places, but the best place is of course direct from the publisher!). We were talking about the kind of track she might like for her book, and… well, I guess a melody popped into my head while we were chatting. Obviously that wasn’t the ‘make the tune out of the actual text of the book’ approach we were discussing, but I figured I’d just make it anyway.

That became ‘Waltz of the Golden Children’, which I stuck up on YouTube.

I liked it a lot, actually – it might be one of the best tracks I’ve written, not that that’s a high bar. So I showed it to my friend Reed Reimer of Fable Factory and he, being the hard-working and talented and generous guy he is, asked if he could mix and produce a version of the track for actual, like, release. As a proper single or whatever.

I wasn’t gonna say no to that, so… that’s what we did. Reed and I formed Cedarstone to be, I guess, the name of our joint musical project, and I hope this won’t be the last thing we do. (I’m 99% sure it won’t be.)

To cut a long story short, you can now listen to ‘Golden Children’, the Cedarstone mix, on Bandcamp, on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Fable Factory’s YouTube channel (‘cos Cedarstone is totally signed to the Fable Factory label or whatever, ‘cos I’m a successful musician now). YouTube version just below, or you can click here for a single fancy link that’ll let you listen to it on any of those streaming services and more besides.

So go give it a listen, and stay tuned for future ambient-ish neoclassical-ish something-or-other music from your favourite new musical duo. Happy times!

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