Winter Wonders is out now!

There’s something magical about venturing out into the chill, something deeply comforting about returning to the warmth afterwards. And, of course, something vaguely sinister about the long darkness…

The stories in Winter Wonders, the new anthology from Skullgate Media (edited by C.D. Storiz and yours truly!) capture all of those aspects of winter. Some are dark, with the kind of cold teeth that’ll gnaw off your flesh and turn your bones into crackling, disintegrating lumps of ice. Some are warmer, like sitting by a fireside and draining a cup of something hot and sweet while sleet pounds at the windows from outside.

Enjoy your adventures into winter’s depths. We’ll make sure you come home safe!

It’s the perfect seasonal read, too, so why not fill some stockings, eh?

Buy it now from Amazon (here’s the UK link, here’s the US one, and for any other region you can just select the .com bit and change it to your own) or direct from the Skullgate store.

Published by Chris Durston

Writer of stuff. Y'know. Words and that.

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