Projects and Drafts, March 2021

We’re into March! Heck.

So: how was February?

The short answer: not a whole lot happened, but I’m kind of OK with it. Honestly, I haven’t really done much writing in 2021 so far for a few reasons, but I’m coming to know myself a bit better and I think this is just a thing I have to go through every now and again before I really feel able to get on it properly.

That said, I have made a bit of progress on revising Chronicles from the World of Guilt, and I feel pretty excited about the prospect of that being done in the next… month or two, I hope. When will it be published so you can read it and scream about how great it is? Not sure, but watch this space.

I’ve also started pulling together some of my old writings on games, with the plan that I’ll release a book of collected articles. Mostly just a vanity thing – I enjoyed writing about games a lot and I’m sad that I don’t have time to do it as much these days, so putting some of it into a book would at least be a cool way of paying tribute to that and remembering it. It should be kinda fun, too, to look back on all those things as I’m putting it together – I’ll be doing some editing and updating, but I’m thinking it shouldn’t actually take too much work, all things considered.

In the background, I’ve also been doing a little bit of work on a couple of other things, but they’re not really anything yet. So just stay tuned for more on that!

So the plan for March is really just to carry on with those things!

Oh, and of course I’ll be continuing to do fun stuff with Skullgate Media – we’re releasing fun things on our YouTube channel, we’ve just released volume 2 of Tales from the Year Between, and very shortly we’ll be looking for submissions for volume 3 as well as for the next Skullgate Media Presents anthology, so I definitely recommend keeping an eye on and for news on those things. (And @SkullgateMedia on Twitter.)

And that’s the update. Stay safe, be kind, and review indie books.

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