Loathsome Voyages is out now!

It’s here!

This is my first credit as an editor – my name’s on the cover! – and I am extremely proud to have been part of Loathsome Voyages, an anthology of strange, bizarre, surreal, terrifying, straight-up weird fiction. There’s weird fiction and then there’s Weird Fiction, and this volume collects a bit of both.

With stories from some truly fantastic authors, and tones ranging from full-on Lovecraftian to sort of twistedly hilarious, I truly believe this is an amazing book, and I’m not just saying that ‘cos I’m in it. All our pre-release reviews agree with me, too!

(The above reviews are selected from Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and a full review on Winst0lf Portal – I should say a special thanks to my old mate Winst0lf for being one of our advance readers!)

I had a blast writing my piece for this book, and I’m honoured to have had the chance to work on everyone else’s alongside CD Storiz, who is a phenomenal editor and also just a tip-top human being.

So anyway. Buy Loathsome Voyages. You know you wanna.

It’s available in a few places, and you’re more than welcome to get it from any of them, but if you’re feeling really kind and want to make sure that more of your money goes straight to independent publishers instead of to big ol’ corporations who don’t really need it, then please consider purchasing directly from the Skullgate Media store. You can pick your format – ePub, PDF, Nook, or physical paperback – and it just means that Skullgate gets to keep all the income, which means we’ll be able to keep doing more cool things.

Buy from the Skullgate Media store!
Buy from Amazon!
Buy from Barnes & Noble!
Buy from Bookshop.org!

And if you do buy it, please leave a review, ‘cos it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Thanks to all of the authors who contributed to this volume, and to the several people who helped out behind the scenes – and to everyone who’s supported Skullgate so far! We’re going places. I can feel it in my tentacles.

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