Projects and Drafts, November 2020

Oooh. New month. That means updates.

November is, as you might know, a fairly auspicious month for many writers, what with being National Novel Writing Month. Each Little Universe started as a NaNoWriMo thing, so NaNo does have a place in my heart. But what will I be spending the month doing, I wonder…?

First, though, updates on how October went.

Chronicles from the World of Guilt is now, I’m very happy to say, out with several very kind beta readers. Hopefully I’ll get some feedback on that first draft before too long, and then it’ll be a case of revising and editing until it’s ready to go out into the world!

Something called EDGE/CRASH, which is going to be part of something called ANALOG HORIZON // DIGITAL SKY, is progressing very well. It’s not much of a secret at this point that I’m working with a couple of the wonderful folks over at Fable Factory (hey, look, there’s an awesome portrait of me on their website!) on what is hopefully going to be a really awesome multimedia storytelling project, but we still don’t quite have enough put together that we can properly talk about it. It deserves a proper, banging announcement when we’re all good and ready, so keep an eye out for that and just know that it is coming.

I also wrote a few shorts in October for various things; I’m getting more in the habit of writing pieces to submit to journals and anthologies and whatnot. It’s a lot of fun, and the more places I can get my writing into the better, so with any luck I’ll be able to announce that I’ll be in more upcoming things soon.

So: November!

I am… kind of doing NaNoWriMo. I say kind of because I’m not shooting for 50,000 words – I’m sort of hopeful I might get that much done in total across various projects (I reckon I’m not averaging too far off that each month at the moment, actually, which is kind of a cool thing to realise), but because there are various projects I don’t want to aim for 50,000 on a single one.

Anyway, a few of us who were involved in Achten Tan have taken it upon ourselves to do ‘AchtenWriMo’: NaNo projects all set within the world of Achten Tan. That world, of course, already has a lot of stories, but why not add more? Some people are expanding on their existing pieces; I’m doing something… related, but different. It’s vaguely outlined, so I’m excited to make a new Achten Tan tale!

I’ll also be working very hard behind the scenes at Skullgate Media, helping to put together the second volume of Tales from the Year Between (of which Achten Tan was, of course, the first volume) and just generally doing cool stuff.

There’s more work to do on EDGE/CRASH, and more shorts to work on for various things. So it’s all good fun!

I believe, but I’ve lost the note, that this is also the month that Project Nightdrive comes out. That’s an anthology of ‘wholesome cyberpunk’ stories, in which I make an appearance. I’ll make sure to post an update when that’s released!

And that’s the update. Stay safe, be kind, and review indie books.

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