Philosophiraga: the video games and philosophy podcast

The Philosophiraga logo: a thoughtful man holding a skull.

Philosophiraga is an introductory philosophy course disguised as a light-hearted podcast about video games. Or it’s a dumb show about games masquerading as a quasi-academic presentation. Your mileage may vary.

It’s hosted, written, produced, edited, and composed for by yours truly, with consulting producery by Moses Norton (founder and editor-in-chief of The Well-Red Mage). The logo was created by Moses with graphic design input from By Wisdom Designs.


The latest episode is embedded above for your listening pleasure, and you can find every episode of the show in a bunch of places. Each time a new one releases, there’s an accompanying announcement post on; you can find all posts relating to the show in the Philosophiraga tag here.

Keep scrolling to find two directories: one’s a list of every episode, and one’s a set of links to places on the internet where Philosophiraga can be found.


Philosophiraga is a production of The Well-Red Mage and part of the TWRM family of audio content. It’s also part, as are several TWRM-family shows, of the Little Fella Media network sponsored by Buzzsprout.

As such, I’ve only been able to create this podcast because of TWRM’s fans and supporters. The most direct way to support the show is becoming a patron of the Well-Red Mage at (You can also buy me a cuppa, if you fancy, at

I’m also given to understand that leaving ratings and reviews wherever you’re able to is a good way to support the show, so please do that. (Let me know if you do and I’ll give you a shout-out and/or all my love forever.)

Finally, of course, sharing the love is surely the best possible way to help out. Tell people about the show! Never stop telling everyone about the show!


If owning physical things is your thing (physically), then you can purchase physical things bearing the Philosophiraga logo from the Well-Red Mage’s storefront on TeePublic.

There are T-shirts! Mugs! Notebooks! Hoodies! Magnets!

Whatever your weird-enlarged-head-picture needs, there’s a product for you.


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