Appearances on podcasts

I’ve been lucky enough to be on podcasts hosted (and produced and edited, thank heavens) by other people. These are those!


MAGE CAST is the podcast by the Well-Red Mage featuring an ever-revolving cast of magical guests. Each episode is a deep dive into a single game, covering all sorts of topics.

Episode 14 – Keyblade Runner

In this episode, the Well-Red Mage and I discuss Kingdom Hearts (the first game in the franchise). Topics include the problems of online communication, game rental stores, the similarities and differences between “heart” and “soul”, KH’s fusion of Western and Eastern philosophy, the incredible music, and exactly why you need subtitles for Donald Duck.

Episode 27 – It’s About Time

This was the third of a trilogy of episodes about Chrono Trigger; Red spoke to three different people, each of whom played CT at a different stage in life. I played it for the first time in 2019, so this episode covers my thoughts on a game often considered one of the best, one of the classics, given that I didn’t have the nostalgia associated with playing it closer to its release.

I also wrote an appendix to this episode: it covers things I forgot to say on air, things I wished I’d said a bit better, or things I wanted to correct.

Untitled Video Game Music Podcast

Alex Sigsworth’s podcast all about gaming music is a bit like Desert Island Discs: a guest picks eight tracks from OST history and has a chat about ’em.

Episode Two – with Chris Durston

I appeared on only the second episode of the show, and had an awful lot of fun talking about tunes from a variety of composers and genres. Might have got carried away a bit, but it was a great time.

Retro Spectives Podcast

I had the pleasure of appearing on the Retro Spectives Podcast to discuss Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. We talk platforming, combat, story, timey-wimey bits, and all sorts!

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