Chronicles from the World of Guilt

The cover of Chronicles from the World of Guilt, showing a whale's tail over the Earth.

Chronicles from the World of Guilt begins with the end of the world.

When the whale-like being known as Guilt appears and begins orbiting the Earth, its shadow corrupting all it touches, humanity is broken. This collection of short pieces chronicles the aftermath, spanning millennia of a progressively stranger, more surreal, more dangerous world. There’s horror and fear and peril, but there are also moments of whimsy and wholesomeness as humans do what they do best: find new sources of hope.

You can buy the book from a bunch of places, so please do that!

Amazon (worldwide) (UK) (US)
Waterstones (UK)Barnes & Noble (US)
Book Depository (worldwide)

Content notice

Below is my earnest attempt at a comprehensive list of content warnings, so potential readers can decide whether they might want to avoid certain stories. Any omissions are entirely my fault, and if you spot anything that you think should be included, please let me know so I can update the list.

Some of these warnings come close to being spoilers, but I think it’s important that readers have all the information they need to decide to what content they want to be exposed.

StoryContent notes
The Coming of Guiltlarge-scale disaster and death
Childrenchild in danger, adult death
What Guilt Wantedunpleasant eating, gory murder, body horror
Worst Party Evergory injury and death, surreal horror, body horror
Today My Girlfriend Turned Into A Treebody transformation
My Friend, The Moonone mention of body transformation, reference to humans dying and being eaten, surreal horror
A Game Not Word Playingnone
That Which I Say, You Understandexistential fear
Hypotheses on the Origins of Guiltnone
The Storm on the Seaperil at sea, peaceful death, sea creatures
A Menagerie All In Onebody horror (animal and human), gory death
The People and the Peoplemention of bigotry
Theory and Practicedeath (albeit somewhat slapstick)
Exploiting the Source of Plentynone
He Sits Atop the Planetnone
Lost Timeexistential dread (time, ageing)
It Must Be Donedeath
Oh, The Places I’ve Seennone
Stained Glassbody horror
The King of Wasted Yearspeaceful death
An Improper Scepticnone
The Polypodsea creature, harm to an animal
Information Hazardimplication of horrific death
Value Is In the Thousand Eyes of the Vast Beholdernone
Titanfelldeath of an animal
After the Time of Guiltremains of a deceased animal
Appendix: Foreword and Errata from the Second Edition of ‘Characterising Guilt’discussion of transformation of humans and animals
Appendix: Introduction to the Third Edition of ‘Characterising Guilt’none
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